Little things make a BIG difference

My bedroom has become the place I spend most of my time (no surprise), and my friends and I have been joking about making it an oasis. We’ve already done that with my bed – oh how I am in love with my bed… But since this is where I normally am now, and it’s very plain and bleak, oh and bright – something needed to change. Having headaches and migraines since childhood I’m used to light sensitivity – or rather, I thought I was. The last few months none of my tricks have worked and I’ve just suffered with the affects. Having no income, I couldn’t just buy things to make changes. But you know how parents are – I wouldn’t be surviving currently without mine – anyway, I live in a condo my Dad owns, and with the financial burden this illness has created for my family it’s been difficult for my Dad to add or change things. Well, thermal room darkening curtains have been on the “list” for a while. This week Dad is on vacation. He checked to see if I was having an okay day and then came over to put up the curtains! He also surprised me with getting them for the living room as well, knowing my daily goal is to make it to the couch for a bit! Oh the difference it has made – in just a day!! I really can’t explain, but I know fellow pwme’s will understand… And, they’re pretty 🙂  A little bonus while he had his tools here – pictures that I’ve had sitting in a box for more than a year got hung and now I can see my favorite picture of my furbaby I miss so much all the time.

It’s definitely the little things…

TTFN, Melinda

Some pics of Dad’s handiwork…

Yea, it’s sideways… fitting lol


This is 3pm!!! 

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