What is better?

Being chronically ill for many years, severely for the last two, most people in my life eventually stopped with the “Feel Better Soon” sentiments a while ago. Took them some getting used to and it still happens sometimes, but for the most part it’s known that doesn’t apply.  Recently, a loved one said to me “I hope you feel better.” To which my quick sarcastic reply was “than what?!” She quietly replied “better than right now.”

<Insert tire squeal, stepping on brakes sound>

Oh, okay, well yeah, that would be good. So, being left to my own thoughts as is normal, I was thinking what is better? We’re taught that better is superior and in fact that is part of the actual definition. It’s ingrained that when someone says “I feel better” they’re all good and 100%. Looking up the definition online, here is what comes up first:




  • 1.of a more excellent or effective type or quality:“hoping for better weather”synonyms:superior, finer, of higher quality, preferable, a cut above, moreantonyms:worse, inferior
  • 2.partly or fully recovered from illness, injury, or mental stress; less unwell:“she’s much better today”synonyms:healthier, fitter, stronger, well, cured, moreantonyms:worse, sicker


  • 1.the better one; that which is better:“the Natural History Museum book is by far the better of the two”
  • 2.one’s superiors in social class or ability:“amusing themselves by imitating their betters”

Well look at 2… PARTLY recovered; LESS unwell. Yes, I can feel better! Not well, not healthy, not great, but better. Better than sleeping for days straight. Better than when I can’t get out of bed. Better than when I can only get to the bathroom and back. Better than… Am I going to feel better every day? That’s the dream but no, I’m not. Just as I once had to redefine ‘good’ I’ll now do the same with better. Today I was able to do this, that’s better! 🙂

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